In a bustling city, in the everyday rush, the most important is to get everything as quickly as possible. We all know this at PRE-GO, but we do not want to give up good quality and domestic products!

This is why we select our partners very carefully. Our suppliers provide us with top quality ingredients so our chef and staff can prepare you the best – all you need to do is enjoy the results!

Their expertise and experience enables you to get your food, coffee or tea within moments so you are ready to go as soon as possible.

Our company prefers local products so location is another requirement when selecting the perfect supplier – we support everything that’s local!


Producer List:

Zümi Honey Farm

The Zümi Honey Farm is a family company just around Pannonhalma Abbey.

Here you can find monofloral honeys as well as herbal infused and flavoured honeys.
The products contain natural ingredients produced by us.

The treasures of our chemical-free garden are brought to “Ildi’s pantry” where we select and process the fruits to prepare dried fruits or jam.
We use no additives and preservatives.

Our costumers also love our dried fruits since these have long shelf life and a distinctive taste.
We make syrups and jams mostly for ourselves, but we are ready to share them anytime.

Our beeswax candles are perfect for the Christmas holidays.


Semiramis coffee

We are a member of the SCAE, the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

Raw coffee is only supplied from plantations verified by the Association.

Beans are hand-selected in order to achieve uniform quality at roasting.

We only roast coffee for order, we only have very little roasted coffee on stock.

Quality assurance for roasting is delivered by a colour testing device.

The freshly roasted coffee is delivered within 24 hours even to rural shops.

As a part of our free service, we maintain, clean and set the machines monthly.

On a monthly basis, we monitor the coffees made in the shops as well as the skills of baristas.

Baristas must participate in a basic training and further trainings every six month.



The more than two decades old company was established in 1992 by Cserpes István. The Cserpes Cheese Workshop is now a well-established, financially stable company with lots of equipment and human resources.

The main reason why the Cserpes Cheese Workshop prospers is the fact that the founder, Cserpes István believes that a professional production and sales is possible even in this industry.

His aim is still to meet the market’s demands with Cserpes Cheese Workshop.

In 2012, Cserpes István won the Ernst and Young title “Businessman of the year as a bold innovator”, in the same year he was awarded the title “Businessman of the Year” by Kisalföld Presztízs, while his company, Cserpes Sajtműhely Kft. won the Design Management prize in 2013.

In 2013 the Cserpes brand received the MagyarBrands title which means that Cserpes products can now bear the Superbrands logo awarded for exceptional products.

Winning these prizes is a positive feedback since the committees awarding these titles consist of recognized professionals, and their decision proves that Cserpes Cheese Workshop is indeed a very credible and successful company.

We believe that these awards and the commitment of Cserpes István gain the trust of our costumers every day!



All we want is to show or products to those who love natural flavours and gastronomy.

The most important for us is to prepare jams from real fruits using traditional methods.

Our website is a web shop which means that door-to-door delivery is also available for our customers. But if you get the chance, visit us in Nagybörzsöny where you can see and taste our products for yourself!


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